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The German black metal band Agathodaimon was formed in Mainz in 1996, consisting of vocalist/lyricist Vlad Dracul (naturally, a native of Romania), guitarists Hyperion and Sathony, keyboardist Vampallons, bassist Marco T., and drummer Matthias R. Two demo tapes -- 1996's Carpe Noctem and 1997's Near Dark -- sparked interest from the Nuclear Blast label, but just after the band signed a record deal, Vlad Dracul went to visit Bucharest and was denied re-entry into Germany. A new lead vocalist, Akaias, was enlisted for the debut album, Blacken the Angel, which was released in 1998 and featured Dracul's lyrics; when the prospect of Dracul's return became increasingly unlikely, Akaias was tabbed his permanent replacement. The Higher Art of Rebellion followed in mid-2000. ~ Steve Huey

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In Darkness - Agathodaimon
In Darkness
Phoenix - Agathodaimon
Serpent's Embrace - Agathodaimon
Serpent's Embrace
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