Border Wars

Border Wars - The Jacka
  • 1play Intro
  • 2play Thank You (feat. Liqz & Messy Marv)
  • 3play Iller Shit (feat. Joe Blow, Lil Goofy, Fed-X & Lil Uno)
  • 4play I'm Throwed
  • 5play Never Pull Over (feat. San Quinn & Lil Goofy)
  • 6play On Dope (feat. Lucky Luciano)
  • 7play State to State (Feat. Sho-Boat)
  • 8play Must've Been Love (feat. Lucky Luciano)
  • 9play Frisco 2 Rosa (feat. Ray Luv, San Quinn & Liqz)
  • 10play I Smoke (feat. Rankin' Scroo)
  • 11play Real Player (feat. Lil Goofy & San Quinn)
  • 12play No Anwer (feat. Liqz & Joe Blow)
  • 13play Can't Hold It In (feat. Cozmo, Willie Hen & Lucky Luciano)
  • 14play Players' Conversation (feat. 4-Tay & Ray Luv)
  • 15play You Know I'm High (feat. Liqz & Joe Blow)
  • 16play Spray 'Em (feat. Big Heez, Lil Goofy & Liqz)
  • 17play Outro

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