Michael Monroe

Little Troublemaker

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Little Troublemaker
Always on the run
Why do you come around here
Lookin for your fun
You don't have to worry
Your daddy makes his living with a gun
So if you're looking for some trouble
Baby I'm the one

Little Troublemaker
That's what your name should be
Put your hand in my pocket now
Come on see about me
You don't have to worry
I'm gonna give you my back door key
So if you're lookin' for some trouble
Take a look at me

Little Troublemaker
Make some trouble!

Little Troublemaker
I know just who you are
I've got your name in my phone book, honey
Right by a movie star
You won't have to worry, worry, worry
I'll pick you up in a big fast car
And we'll go looking for some trouble, man
Yeah we will
Just a Little Troublemaker
Lookin' for a real thrill

Little Troublemaker
Hey Little Troublemaker
Little Troublemaker

Writer/s: Johnny Lee Schell

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