Continental Drifters

Live on Love

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Sometimes I lose my faith, sometimes I lose my way back home
When my communion's done, sometimes my strengths have been atoned
And hardly ever does it feel like the part of it that's real is the part that holds the rope
That's when we live on love, that's when we hold our dreams and hope

I'm not the only one who understands the wants and needs
I'm not the only one who feels the shaking underneath
As you yourself have often said, we had better well get ready for the worst to come along
That's when we live on love, and do what's best not right or wrong

Do you take it all to heart, does it make it all the harder to apply
I would have to wonder why
They build you monuments, you get that gold watch in the end
Stick around long enough and become the world's best friend
And see the look on every face when we finally take our place at the top you will recall
That's when we live on love, and love's the best part of it all

Sometimes I wake up with that fire in my brain
Sometimes I wake up and I cannot feed the flame
And when the rest of it goes dark and I cannot feel the spark to repeat the sad refrain
That's when we live on love, I must remind myself again

Writer/s: Peter Holsapple

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