Livin Better Now

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[Verse 1:]
They see me and they be like koopa where the heck have ya been
Course you wouldn't know cause where I'm at you never had bein
Money that I'm looking at it really ever has being
Pound, euro, ruppee it's whatever a yen
Swimsuit models at the do tell tyson tell em come in
Gotta have a working visa and some cheddar ta spend
They say revenge is really something that's embeded to sins
Hope god forgive me cause I got it they could get it again
Hold up, saw snoop n' jigga they told me to stay the humble guy
Saw 50 cent and he told me create a homicide
Them universal clowns told me I need to dumb it down
But crash dummies don't ride with insurance on they rides
Stylist and the media training is what ya have to get
It's your whole image just created from outta tablets
Fickle fans flock to these fakers like it's a magnet
I'm accurate stay stuntin n stackin go getcha camera trick

Cause I'm living better now
I'm living good
I'm living gooood
I'm living good

[Verse 2:]
I got the stacks, I got the plaques, I wreck the tracks
I'm the dopest houston artist not opinion that is fact
I'm running laps, all round they raps, don't ever slack
And if I lose it all they know I'm jus gon get it back
They say I changed, hell yea I changed
Switched up my change, switched up my range
But it's the fame, that's what they blame
I can't complain, I'm still the same
Ain't with the same, people that came
Within the game but I love it mayne
Some think I'm strange I thought ya knew
Some tried to sue, lawyers are due
Publicists too but who are yoouu
She lookin cool, her sister too
Her man a fool ain't gotta clue
That I'm bout to do a body physical
That's true his boo, sick with the flu
My ride is I'll panna mirror deadly as ever
It's time to kill look at the wheeels
It give em chills, they taking stills
Taking pictures, I'm askin chickens
How does it to feel to know I'm