Looking For Tales

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Look out your window and tell me what you can see
Anxious people waiting for a new time that's coming
But this time has already come and what's the best way to go?
Give me na answer to satisfy my soul
I Wanna hear it, i Wanna hear it, Wanna it now!

The world's waiting for a new time, a new religion
A new sect the old snake's moved into the aquariun
The word's still mthe same space invaders are becoming gods
Confused people make up theeir own truths
The world's coming to na end
Lost of peaple believe that!

Blinds guide the lost men
Deaf idols listen to the prays
The old snake keeps tellinher lies
Lots of people are deceiving themselves

They're looking for tales, they're looking for tales
The world's coming to an end
Lost of people belive that
They're always complaining or saying evil words
They have their arms folded, they're Waiting for death
Waiting for death and that's it!
They're looking for tales, they're looking for tales, they're looking for tales.

Writer/s: Douglas Vanuchi / Ricardo Parronchi