Operation Cliff Clavin

Lost August

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and we've both changed
i guess we've both gone our seperate ways
but you know that sometimes i still think
about all those wasted summer days
hangin out in the basement and watching tv
not really doing anything
sometimes i forget how much fun that can be
its one of my favorite memories
and i remember thinkin' back then that this is the way that it will always be
i couldn't ever imagine not being friends with you or you not being friends with me
well i know people change
and thats alright
but i guess you can say
its a part of life
and people grow up
but it just isn't fair when they grow away
i made my mistakes
and i made my apologies
but i guess that i didn't mean that much to you
not as much as you meant to me
sometimes i wonder if you even care
or if you ever notice i'm not there
and i think about the things that we shared
sometimes it just doesn't seem that fair
see you almost everyday
but sometimes we don't even stop to say hi
maybe i'm being a fool but i'll always consider you a friend of mine
friend of mine

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