El Debarge

Lost Without Her Love

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Looking out my window
Watching through the rain
Wishing she were here right next to me
One chance in a million
I know that's all I have
Whoa, a miracle's the one thing that I need

(Want her back) the way it used to be
(Never had) her long enough
Oh, can't you see

I'm lost without her love
I don't know where to run
I just can't get her out of my dreams
Oh I'm lost without her love
Knowing she's the one
Who could ever hope to rescue me

Talking to my shadow
Saying I'm all right
Trying to get through this lonely night
Knowing just how empty
Forever's gonna be
Living without her here by my side

[Bridge & Chorus]

Now, now it all begins
I start to pretend
I see her in the distance in my mind
Wrapped up in these chains
Her memory still remains
She's just too hard to shake

[Chorus x3: fade]