Love Me Love Me

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All that I want is a lover
what I don't need is another friend
someone out there blow my cover
hear me call my mother's name on the mend
all that I want is the top notch
but they say that this is hard to find
one in a million ain't not that much
for a weirdo picture on my mind
how come you're way getting closer
again another little bedroom endorser
and I will nevermore hear you just say
"love me love me as you do"
all I want is live forever
at a price that I'm prepared not to pay
someone out ther give me shelter
for a night and let me go away
i don't know why you're calling
i can't say what is coming up on the way
i want somebody to want me
i can no longer just beg you to stay
i know you blame for nothing now
i know you hate me for nothing now
i know you need me for nothing now
and I will evermore hear you just say
"love me love me as you do"

Writer/s: Liquido