Love Me Senseless

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Couplet 1:
I'm floating higher bring the atmosphere
You're everything but us just disappears
Never plain like coming down from here
I wanna melt into your arms into the stars
Into the night and fly away
Beyond any world I've ever seen
Your eyes take me
Beyond any dream I'll ever dream
Your touch wakes me
Baby I just need to read you in
Feel my body call my love again
Let me get lost inside your kiss oh love me senseless
Couplet 2:
Don't know how I live without your love
I only know I never lived enough I know
Now I think I almost feel too much
I just wanna let it flow let it go
Into the blue and fly with you

Couplet 3:
Feel my song without a sound
Till I know it to be found

Writer/s: A. Hansson