Machine Translations

Love On The Vine

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lucy's got a new sting
and she can be cruel
heaven's got it's little thorns
though they're soft as a rule
if you can feel your heart stop
you're doing too well
locked in heavens handbag
and going to hell

sweet as the melody
dark as the wine
where she branches overhead
it's easy to reach love on the vine

david's got a red mouth
argues with his trap mind
heaven's got it's little snares
though they're velvet lined
more lover than his heart's drum
or mystery bell
there's room in heaven's handbag
for poor david as well

sweet as the melody
dark as the wine
where her eyes branch overhead
he's ready to taste love on the vine

lucy's got a problem
a february fool
heaven's got it's trouble spots
though they're shaded and cool
if you can't feel your fingers
it's not easy to tell
and lucy's singing to herself
as she leans over the well

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