Minnie Riperton

Lover And Friend

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Guess we always knew
Best of friends we'd always be
Sister and brother we two
Romance never entered our view

Always you were there
when I needed you
Suddenly out of nowhere
I realized I loved only you

And that just how true love begins
It just walks on in
And one day I knew
It was you ... it was you
It was always you

Baby, in the end... I've got you as lover and friend
Darling in the end I've got you as lover and friend

Funny how it goes
We'd be the last to know
We were made for each other
And from friends we became lovers

Keep on being my friend
Our love will never end
We'll have it all
Yes we wil... yes we will
Yes we will

We're gonna have a happy ending
We started our with such a great beginning
We'll walk together talk together
In every kind of weather
We're bound together
forever yeah

Writer/s: Gene Dozier / Minnie Riperton / Richard Rudolph

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