Lucifer's Light

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Brightness' stripped to the very end
Let it back to it's destination
The horizon closed the circle
Brought the first message from the storm
Let smell the mould of my desert soul
So how can I live between purity and filth?
If my paled entity's so weak
And so my spirit so sick...
Beginning is similar to the end
But spark of fire's carrying on my life
For sadness, feelingless receptacle time
Demons of fury holding me tight
My evil still rising tall into my somber mind
Hell fire through my mortality
In hell fire of damnation I dwell
Hatred and pain spreading so wide
The magic of Lucifer's light
That for me the extract of life is forbidden to fell
So involved in death comprehension
So weak upon this forlorn dimension
Stars came up above
The surface of heaven declined
I kneel again to be illuminated bu Lucifer's light
I make love at midnight mystery
To be saturated in darkness depth
I'm thrall of madness thrall of sex
But hell's delivered me announcement
Straight from the grave
...then I realized his light mill bring me death...

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