Lucky Chinese Cookie

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Today I caught myself
Listening to my heart
It doesn't really beat the same

I still don't understand
The real meaning of love
But maybe this is how it ends

Sometimes I have this pain inside my ribs
I feel I'm going backwards
But how if I still can feel your lips
And listen to your last words?

Humm, what else to see?
Humm, how pretty life can be?
Humm, did I miss the bus?
Humm, why did I give my keys?

If I had the chance
To go back in time
I would do everything again
And not because it was perfect
Just because it felt right
This is the life that runs inside my veins

If every excess becomes a vice
I will take the risk and ask for more
Or shouldn't this be just a good advice
So take the lesson and let go

Humm, what else to say?
Humm, I think I know the way
Humm, how good it can be?

Humm, eating apple and drinking tea