Lyrics of poison

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Lyrics of poison

Lyrics of poison
Where is the potion that will heal my aching
Float in the ocean of carelessnes I shall take no stress
Though I can feel the press of the phantoms of darkness
Haunting my soul, taking control
Imprisoned between positive and negative poles
Infinite hole of infinite loneliness
Infinite time from the infinite presedence
Enchanting enchant me that is what a hell
Try my spirits to be locked in the shell
hell would be a mercy but I demand no pity
'cause the feeling of complaining makes me feel breathy
This pain runs like rain right through my veins
since here in my mind I can't stop in vain
I try and I cry too much and why
for someone who just flies

Lyrics of poison
Infiltrating your mind taking over the brain
Lyrics of poison
Taking over the brain you'll never be the same

Seeking for the cold and feel but holyness
For my soul my stress it's the cry for happiness in my chest
A burning spot left by my mistress
I will never surrender to the gorgious of emptyness
Why? 'cause I have this trick of a line inside
Lies have been fed to me so many times
But wise has this experience made me
and now I realise that in the past (...) lived my live
Smoking mister morning got me hoping
in the near future doors will be open
So I said to myself that I should keep on coping
for a warrior I was born, and as a warrior I'll be going
to an enchantous land, the promised land
the land where man can be proud of himself and stand
with dignity, honour and courage
I shall remain in eternity
That, I promise


Infiltrating your mind, taking over the brain
You'll never be the same
Lyrics of poison


Writer/s: Kwan / Pauli Rantasalmi