Human Drama

Madame Hate's Mad Search For Love

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She walks down empty streets
To the rhythm of a song in her head
"When I find myself in times of trouble"
She forgets the rest

She needs no one

The rain beats down upon her
Adding insult to her injury
"What I wouldn't give not to have to live
In this place I'm in"

There is no one

Assist Madame Hate
On her mad search for love
She so desperately wants to find
Yet constantly chases away

Father Time has cast his ugly image
In her mirror again
"It used to be so easy to be satisfied"
She remembers when

She carried hope in her pocket next to love
Believed it wouldn't end
Nothing can explain how it disappeared
Yet in her still it lives

There is no one

Assist madame hate...

Reluctantly she accepts her eyes
Have opened to another day
"As much as things change
They remain the same"

Out of the corner of her eye
She sees someone she thinks she once knew
"It happens every now and then
But it never is true"