Magical Shadows Of a Tragic Past

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Sometimes images of a sad void
Fill the thoughts and the soul
The only feeling of a gate for relief is
A key that you call death

Tortured by life and past
My sorrow is the key to some dimensions
I once knew but without never
Reaching them

The grey weather cry, sad and dark
The somberness of satan
The moisted walls of years belch
The spirit of death
So bad there

Tears burn my eyes
The key to my melancholy is no relief
I wish i'll never see the light
Existence is the remeberance
Of a dark past

Rain of tears stains the castle
Bloodred clouds under the sky
Caves of stones with water drops
Icy fingers of evil

By this sunday night of september
As the rain stops to flow
I shall end my life there and maybe
Open the gate
The eternal circle of beings and thoughts
Is ending with death
But to take another form
Which still haunt beyond
I enter

Magical shadows surrounds me
As i'm leaving from this world
Tragic memories remains
As i enter the dead's realm

The grim walls vomit the memories
Of a sad and evil past
The glaucous and gloomy soul
Is torn in a tormented eternity


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