Lucie Silvas


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Mind's gone blank thinking what I should be doing
Don't think I don't hear what you say
Gonna stop walking backwards today

Familar voice sends me over the rainbow
This time I'm not gonna lie
Gonna find a quiet place to cry

All the excuses, no plain emotion
Maybe I'm just too proud
I'm waiting for some kind of sign to show me
I didn't speak too loud
too loud

Snow coming down but you might be forgiven
Thinking it's summer outside
How can you say I don't try?
I don't try

I'm on my way to find
That it might be dark as a cloud, a cloud filled sky

I thought that the magpies were working together
Trying to bring me down
Just when I thought that this love could be over
One landed on the ground

I've had an idea, it's time I found one
I'm not giving you away
I'll start to move forwards today

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