King Lil G

Make You Mine

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I'm not gonna cheat on you no more (for real)
I know you always tell me this
Don't be wasting time
With other girls
I'm the only one
You need
Wanna make you mine
And run the world

Cause this women needs a king
Boy just take your time
And think about
What you wanna do to me
Cause I ain't the kind
Who plays around
Once you got me I won't leave

Ooh ah, ooh ah
Baby I'm yours
Ooh ah
(Just me and you baby)
Ooh ah
Baby I'm yours
Ooh ah
(Lost in a cold world)
Ooh ah, oooh, ooh ah
(That's right baby)
I'm yours

Yeah, she's that loyal woman
I been searching for
To ride with me
And smoke with me
I told ya
Educated woman dedicated
Tryna make me happy
Homie thats a soldier
Bitches wanna hate
Homies wanna hate

Fuck it let em talk
As long that we straight
Wanna see you smile
And never give you pain
Fuck your ex-man
Homie lost his place
Every woman got a past
And I'm not trippin'
On that bullshit
Baby girl I got you

Women always wanna leave the homies
When they go to jail
Or muthafucker shot you
I wanna wake up
To that pretty face
And give you kisses
While you still asleep
Flowers on the counter
Right before I leave
Baby let me be your king

You my motivation
When I hustle hard
Baby I can't wait
To see your face
I think its kind of funny
How these bitches
Think they got a chance
To come & take your place
I'm gettin' blown

To this song
Can't describe the feeling
When its me & you alone
I'm driving through the avenues
Talkin' bout life late nights
We the realest
Talk about the way
You got me feeling baby
Talk about the way
Your kisses feeling baby
You get the chills

When I touch you softly
Then you tell me
You the fucken business baby
I love it when you walk
In a room
People staring
Cause you're beautiful
Its bomb
Your loyalty is worth a million
And you side with me
If I'm right or wrong

Ooh ah
(Lets smoke somethin' baby)
Ooh ah
Baby I'm yours
Ooh ah
(Just you & I)
Ooh ah
Baby I'm yours
(Hell yeah)
Ooh ah, oooh, ooh ah
(Fuck what everybody else thinks)
I'm yours

Ooh ah, ooh ah
Baby I'm yours
Ooh ah, ooh ah
Baby I'm yours
Ooh ah, ooh ah
Oooh, ooh ah
I'm yours