Of Montreal

Malefic Dowery

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Love is not a debtor's prison
You don't have to serve a sentence
To pay back what you've been given

Now I live in fear of your schizophrenic genius
It's a tempestuous despot
That I can't seem to propitiate

Now I feel you're provoking me with your fidelity
But your loyalty and affections
Are somehow a vulpine act of hostility

Now we're a bore, we're afternoon TV
This thing our minds are screaming to defy
How can I bury this rebellion
While proving that I'm still your rock 'n' roll ally?

Once more I turn to my crotch for counsel
And it won't disappoint me
I know it's the shadow cast by what's looming in the ?

I was dreaming of the hunt
You clapped your hands sharply twice to wake me up
Oh, darkness was gripping the sky
I knew I could still be your rock 'n' roll ally

Writer/s: Kevin Barnes

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