Daniel Amos

Man in the Moon

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I saw Mr. Moon last night, you know he's on the rise
There's something in his eyes I've never seen before
There's some kind of magic here, he's so full of surprises
He'll hypnotize like the lull of a lullaby

Carry me home in my dreams, nothing's the way it seems
Give up my world, now it's all too absurd
What has happened to me

Man in the moon, I was shooting for a star much higher
Man in the moon, there's no life nowhere near
I'm dying to get out of here
Lord don't leave me high and dry, let me fly

Oh the moon is a yellow man, eclipsed inside his cage
Concealed from public rage, faith our father
Well I can't smile anymore, oh end this masquerade
Let the nightmare fade, kill the gilded calf

I see someone in my dreams
Who was born to die and rise to redeem
So pay no attention to that man behind the curtain
Will this upstart ever stop

Man in the moon, man in the moon
Man in the moon, I'm the man in the moon
Man in the moon, I'm the man in the moon
Lord, don't leave me here

Writer/s: Jerry Parker Chamberlain