Manic Movement

Mankind's Misanthropic Ambassador

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In and out these worlds of mine
Travelling inside an ego-amplifying prism which shine
Casts of hologhraphic reflections of supposed greatness
Boasting prophets proclaiming self-containment
Well tear their skins and burn their bones
'Cause they're fathered by discrepancy and spat from most insecure loins
But trial and error is our way to grow
And in good human tradition the only way we know

Not that I embrace or even care to admit
To this quality innate to the slow moving aeons lying behind
As we're nature's first and dirty way to compute with meat
Making us the inadequate yet colourful race we are

And know us for what we are
Data transcribed into the flesh
One simple explanation for this delusional mess
Our inability to maintain true purpose

And take us for what we are
Rusty machinery left behind…
By an ever complexifying world
Always expanding itself in every way
Novelty moving together always
Time condensing, always accelerates
Beyond the point where human models break

And how I miss her, emotional being with light in her eyes
How she could make me forget all imperfection by her delicate ways
I shed her tears, I bear her fears
In all those years no one ever came so close
In showing me what we're really all about

What humanity's all about
That in spite of all deformation and neglect
We have the power to take this life in our hand
And lift it above all misery and pain
Through the love for another human being

But how far we journey out from this grace
Losing ourselves to the insatiable darkness meandering itself through our race
Always returning with less than when we left
An embarrassing nakedness in my multiplicity of self

Back in my crowded niche
Where I have to slam my head against white walls to get some peace
And in good human tradition can't decide
Whether to destroy or to construct

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