Rx Bandits

March Of The Caterpillar

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If I said I cared,
would you say you believed me,
hatch in the plan for deceiving,
he lies to the kid that he sees in the mirror,
even if in a lie,
on the broad horizon,
they'll kill your love,
when you can't find hope.
Once you realize we are free to rise again,
ohh again,

So your aiming for battle,
if you cut up the postage,
post up the day with excuses.
Well nothing worth doing
is ever been easy.
Oh no,
Here's to look the other way,
and say your first love,
well she was just someone to
waste your life with.

I feel it,
I feel I feel it,

You know he's a druggie if you look him in the eyes,
you see danny was a good man,
danny was a good man too.
I said "let go of the future, man,
your taking his stride"
You keep bombing that shit your gonna make yourself sick.

it goes complication,
that he's attracted to the hour dark cave.
listen if the lover man, never move low,
with the sound up in the belly make you ten feet soul,
yeah your dreaming in the valley where the minutes are made,
you can kiss her while she giggles and your drawing up that shade,

yeah it's a slip and slow foundation,
I've been there on the minister's stage,
No one ever liked to joke,
that's for certain,
so do us a favor and don't you ask,
there's more than one way to keep your picture clean,
don't open your mouth, don't say what you don't mean,
you never give yourself, then you never get hurt,
I'll follow you anywhere baby,
but you gotta try first.

Writer/s: Matthew Embree / RX Bandits

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