The Blood Brothers

March on Electric Children!

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Join the skin army boys!
Join the skin army girls!
Camouflage your heart in sweat and vaseline!
Shoot with that siamese kiss like tasteless tangerines!
Skin army recruits form a single file line,
Under towers that smoke ulcers in the sky.
Remove outdated organs to the pot boil,
Suck the siphons nipple, fill the rib cavity with oil.
March on the grave of jesus sow!
Touch is the only religion now!
He tried to interview a rose but it just coughed dust in his eye.
He tried a love song on the lilac
But it stung up his mouth like a guitar.
He tried to devour the orchid (break it's cracker bones)
Sew a jacket of it's hot paradise complexion...
But it stung like a vest of scorpions
And hung on desperately like the scar of some third degree burn.
So join up juggernaut child!
Join up ye hungry barbed wire holes!
March on skin army soldiers!
March on to hills of ripe mold!
March on across the xeroxed horizon!
March on murderous little world!
March on murderous little world!
March on murderous little world!

Writer/s: The Blood Brothers

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