Richard Shindell

Mariana's Table

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Out on highway 215 the trucks are hauling wheat grain
apples, soy beans, good red wine to the docks at Ensenada

the camioneros sit up high and smoke their black tobacco
in another hour they'll shift it down and pull off for the night

down the road, not far now Mariana's just arriving
with her empanadas and coolers full of cold cold beer

there's a stand of eucalyptus trees just this side of Brandsen
in harvest season, rain or shine, she's out there every night

one-by-one they rumble in, rattling like Panzers
and raising dust clouds, raising hell in 30 year-old Benzes

they descend like generals whose victory's all but certain
they stroll through camp rallying for one last push

it's getting late, it's time to go, the southern cross is rising
Mariana's work is done, at least until tomorrow

anyone who's still awake is over by the fire
where the talk is all of China's rise, and the latest from the union

which they'd gladly die for if ever they were called to
but for now they're just turning and waving as she drives away

Writer/s: Richard Shindell

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