Frozen Mist

Marionnette's Tears

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Upon her soft delicate face, the hollow wind breathes
Her perfect blue eyes, the tears she gently weeps.
Blossoming wounds so pretty, relaxed in bleeding exile
Her tattered arms open wide, caressed into infinite sleep.

I gently lower her down to marble ground
She wraps her arms around my neck
As I smile with an wicked stare
I gaze at the forever beauty.
Have I found my true love?
This marionette saturated in divinity
So seductive thru my eyes
My passionate kiss shall make you my queen.

Responding throughts of our minds
The endless nights in bliss await
Scream my name in comforting lust
Oh! These heavenly crimson nights.
A rememberance in a rendered solitude
You beg for oblivious mercy
Captivating primitive nightmares
Darkness sheds its tears you are alone.

This painful memory altered in silence
Reflections of lust on top of that hill.
Marionette's tears stream down her cheek
A saddened queen so cold and so alone.

Strings break inside her heart...
Her wicked world is falling apart...
No one hears her lonely cries...
Bloody tears weep out her precious eyes...

I come to life in your haunting dreams, my warm embrace
I kiss your tears away as my hands caress your gentle face.
I come to life in your fading dreams, this warm embrace
I bleed your tears forever, my hands shred your delicate face.

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