Lucifer's Friend

Mary's Breakdown

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Little Mary sit and drawin'
Funny pictures on the wall
And thinkin' how good it used to be

Mother couldn't help her
Her father didn't care
What became of Mary
He didn't see

* The note lay on the table
The troubled things it said
I'm leavin'
Because there was no doubt

** It's been the same old story
Since little Mary's birth
Trouble and you leave
It's still the same

What if you're the one to blame

Little Mary sit and cryin'
Her funny pictures fell
Not old enough to know the reason why

Photo's smile frankly
But still it's not the same
The toys and games of someone else's child

Maybe they'll come tomorrow
Go home to make their own
The wishin' and hopin' never dies

Little Mary's world
Lies shattered on the ground
Sorrow and despair lies all around
No one hears that weeping sound

Maybe they'll come tomorrow
Maybe they'll come today
Little heart is waiting
Waiting for the break

Sister says don't worry
She smiles a friendly smile
But baby, pumpkins splatter
They're going to let you die

Now Mary's world is over
Broken heart, the doctor says
There's nothing more that he can do for her

A little life is ended
The worries are all gone
Memory of Mary lingers there

* repeat
** repeat

Slowly little Mary dies


Sister says don't worry
She smiles a friendly smile
Mary's pumpkin splatters
They're gonna let her die

Writer/s: Dieter Horns

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