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Bow your heads, wave your white flags
No one can escape tthe final judgmente day
Even the bravest must show their true face
What will be left of you, when your act falls through

At last I've given up the fight
I've laid my arms beside me
Look closely, tell me what you see
Be kind and please have mercy

When together
We're so far from heaven
Can you rescue me
Cause I can't bear my sins
Scared and naked
Helpless I'm forsaken
Do we ever dare
To show them our true face

See what we look like
In unforgiving light
And if you can't see all the flaws
You're just not close enough

We fake a smile, hold our heads up high
And celebrate, our masquerade
To hide that life's tragedies left their trace
Across my face
We find our safety in the sand
And we look away, as we embrace
A different face for a different day
Oh how we love our big charade

They will never see what happens behind this mask of me
No emotions and no sign of my weak devotion

Don't you know, I see right through this useless veil of you
Your eyes can never hide all that you hold inside

Will we ever see, can we ever be?