New Model Army

Master Race

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Well we all learned how to use a fork and a knife
How some times we have to wear a suit and tie
And understand these things are what give us the right
To go around the world acting superior

We live with missiles and the armaments cash
With rewritten histories and a fictoral past
And though some of us still have questions to ask
This ships she sails without a captain

Goddamn this masterrace
That we're born in
Goddamn this howling wolf
That we're serving

I've had it up to there

The opposition we ain't doing so well
Our understandings is weak and our knowledge is small
And throught kids scrawl frustration on the back street wall
Most of them can't even spell basterd bastad bastard

Goddamn this masterrace...

Sometimes all I know is that cold winds blow
Down the valley from the mountain snows
On these muggy mights I lie awake
And wait for the thunder and the skies to break
But they are god and they are strong
And they can name the right and wrong
And they reclaim the things they own
They call us now

So Candy please forgive these things that I've done
When the Master race calls I know sometimes that I run
And you mean more to me now than you ever did before
As I try to stay away from their clutches

Goddamn this masterrace...

Writer/s: Francesca Sullivan / Justin Sullivan

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