Me Against Madonna

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Britney: All the people in my crew are really young and I am too!!!

Madonna: Hey Britney.

B: Oh no, she's here!

M: Hey, you wanna hang out?

B: Sorry kinda busy right now.

M: At a club?

B: Bye!

She's always there
Everytime I turn around
Her creepy stare
Her tired 80's disco sound
She follows me
With desperation I can't take
She's calling me
She's worst than Justin Timberlake

Ever since I kissed her
She's been on me like a blister
I don't need another mother
But she just won't leave me alone
She won't leave me alone (hey, leave me alone)
I don't wanna knock her
But she's a crazy stalker
I wish she'd take her rocker
And just get her butt on home
Bitch leave me alone hey, hey, hey

B: Why can't you give me some space

M: I just really had to see ya

B: Can't you get out of my face

M: I've got a great idea
It's a sexy video

B: No I really do not wanna

M: Be my bitch, I'll be your ho

B: I'm not slezzy like you Madonna

Hey Britney
I need some help with my career
Look at my cane and look where I stick it
I'm desperate
That's why sometimes I pretend I'm queer
It was in my pants who wants to lick it

Get on the swing
Try not to heave
Spread your legs
Roll in my leaves
I need some of your young blood
Please fulfill my hunger
My last cd was a dud
I need to be younger
All your youth and energy
Please, I really need it
Now expose your neck to me
With my fangs I'll bleed it

All right everybody let's vogue!
Vogue, vogue, vogue, vogue, huh?
Good times!!!
Come on everybody let's vogue!
Vogue, vogue, vogue, vogue, vogue, vogue, vogue...