Operation Cliff Clavin


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when you get in an accident you have to worry about how you're gonna pay for it
because the doctors will charge you an arm and a leg and they'll send you away if you can't pay
and they won't even let you in the door if you can't prove that you're insured
oh what a fucked up world we live in today
and i can't believe that we've let them get this far
how much are we gonna stand for
and every day they keep raising the price to live
then whats the value on a human life
the rich people get anything they want
and the poor people can't get the things they need
while the poor people get turned down at the door
the rich people get plastic surgeries
so if you're not a member of the upper class
you better hope and pray that you don't get sick
unless you're insured you have high payed doctor
theres no way in hell you'll be able to pay for it
i can't believe that no ones taking a stand
this tyranny of a society that would turn its back on a fellow man
becuase he doesn't have enough money in his hand
he doesn't have enough money in his hand

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