Age Of Nemesis

Meeting With The Unbelievable

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[I. The Real World Has Become A Shadow]

An ear-piercing silence
Has come down on me
N' moves everything which
In the darkness I see.
This is oh so obscene
Such a ludicrous dream
Now the real world I know
Has become a shadow

Oh yes, perhaps I was dreaming of the night
When suddenly I was accosted by everlasting time
N' by the window pane, there I saw her
Standing in the moonlight
The dreaded fear, the wretched fright,
Caused a rush: adrenalin swamped all my veins
Cos my mind simply denied what I saw with my eyes

And when she spoke
Everything just ceased
An angelical face peering from the strange light right at me
"I've come to see you, cos I'm your guardian.
If you give me your soul
The wings of fate will help us fly
Back through time to the start of life."

[II. Back To Eden]

Our souls soared far and wide
Through the dark of night
This here's a strange terrain:
A garden, pure n' plain
Ancient, chaste domain
Standing there, two people
Upon the dawn of life

I can see sweet Eve; her eyes
Are full of intellect n' fire
The serpent smiles...
And the apple that will fill her
Heart with passion and desire
Sin and mortality

I realize:
Sin and demise...
Let's fly on by!

[III. The Alliance]

Bygone times
Behind us now
Devastation brings death, and confounds
And always finds us here somehow

"Listen to me!"
The angel did speak,
"All this can change
In an eternal place."

Take me there, far away...
All this pain!
Reality's oh so strange!
Angel wait!
Then I touched her and she suddenly changed...

"The land of light sure does exist
That's where you must go
If you'd give me your soul
You could take the stroll
No one living can make it through
First, you have to die
Your life ends for a while
But then your soul revives"

Writer/s: Zoltan Fabian