The Feelies

Moscow Nights

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(Oh, Oh)
All you really wanted
Was to be alone at least a little while
How was I to know that?
Well, it seemed like an eternity
When you smile and say,
"I thought about it, it's the right time"
And I expect that
You're never returning to the USA

(Oh, Oh)
All the way the lights are
I can see your face is getting clearer
It's like you never even left here
It's like you never had the reason
To want to go. Well, I don't know
I think it's time for you to face it
You never felt right in our world
You never felt right about yourself

And I think about what it might be like
If I could go alone, if I could go at night
Would it be just like you know you said it would
Would it start the life aglow

Writer/s: Bill Million / Glenn Mercer

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