Bizzy Bone


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Well let me take you to my hood, my hood
Well let me take you to my hood, my hood
Well let me take you to my hood, my hood
Well let me take you to my hood, my hood
Well let me take you to my hood, my hood

(Come on baby let's rock this shit, come on)

Here's a tear for you kiddo, I've cried a river
It's been bitter sweet, so complete, I'm still with ya
Hear me you know I hear you, I feel you heavenly father
Time goes time flows, real water
Well baby just shine for me, send a bunch of angels to your rescue
(E the elo hinds?) it's him trough the sins
Never dismiss you, god is the realest love that I've lorded
I came back from a walk like (daddyyyyyy) you will be known
You will be owed to the ozone layer
Could you take me to the strip club, my cup, cause baby you a player
You tell em that I love em, n I need em, let's stick together
When hell tries to break the love, say a prayer
Making it better
In or out of, this is the way that we talk
This is the way that we walk
Baby war that I got
I say we sing for me, do your thing for me
Cause Eden is good

Well let me take you to my hood, now come into my hood
("This dude on the bus n shit, who was fucking with me cause I was young, And you know what I'm saying, Flesh uh, stood his ass up, Flesh is like the person you know what I'm saying, Nigga about 15 years in prison, N he still doing prison time. Flesh sat is ass down, pulled his seat back! poww! On the dude that really is a big motherfucker, dude didn't say a motherfucking thing".)

I stroll down memories the light will guide you
Honor your mother, honor your father right beside you
Hide you never 9-12 September
You ain't sucking nothing but a bottle of beer I respect cha
Forever, do you know forever?
Whenever we leave they might cry, shit baby they better
It's cold, I need a sweater, you bold when it's cold
And The Story ain't told, confess your sins they owed
Anything for the truth, baby raise the roof
A little doctor, doctor, breaking em off proper
Prosper, prosper spot yourself
And everybody else
Settle for nothing but the best
You need some help, just call I'll be right there with you
It ain't no fussing or fighting and I won't hit you
Huh you need some help, just call, I'll be right there with you
It ain't no fussing or no fighting n I won't hit you

("Krayzie Bone, I love that dude n he's always been like my favorite rapper, when we were walking the streets it was just him n I together, we were the only people that would walk when everybody else was in the house, my people said he couldn't stay over there, he didn't want to go to his house, So we walked the streets n we drink Power-Master the entire night, I don't know if you remember that Coltttt-45, so it was a beautiful thing")

Lord when I'm walking, I'm knowing that your walking right with me
You defend me, n you mend me even when I get tipsy
Kinda crazy in the battlefield, still you with me
You never tempt me never hurt me
I'll be dirty for you, I be pertty for you, I go trough 40 for you
I praise Jesus that's the real man, you my boo
Brainwave no discussion for gussing n plenty love
Lil Bone Thugs N Harmony help from up above
It's the test of the flesh, confusion testing my rep
So what? that's me, I did it I got the whelps
N I weep n I weft
N my lips be clef, Now watch yourself, now watch your step
Now gimme a hug my love
Baby I love you without a question or a doubt in my mind
Drink wine, just chill you real less dying
Steak, shrimp n lobster n chicken even linguine I can feel you
I know that I need you n plus I'm needed

("One time, (P'd left my ass?) P took me to New-York, he took me to a casino, n I had the opportunity to battle Jay-Z, N Damon Dash was there and I said Krayzie Bone was here, and we was battling for 30 dollars, dude said "I ain't never heard no shit like this before, take the money". NN he said "who the fuck are you? " I said "Man, we Bone Thugs N Harmony")

Layzie Bone, Krayzie Bone, Wish Bone, Flesh N Bone, lockt up in jail, I love you baby, I see you when you get there, and if for you ain't find them, I'm telling you nigga immon see you somewhere"

Writer/s: Bizzy Bone