Zero Hour

Metamorphosis III - Union

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Metamorphosis III - Union
Lying on broken ground in the shadows never to be found
Her daylight's night her world is cold
Her spirit's lost a soul was sold
A memory from birth or was it just a dream
For in this world nothing is as it seems

His somber face passes by feigns disgrace and dares to try
Offering a word gets blank surprise
Offering herself he complies

He lifts her up she withers in his hands
No words spoken for eyes understand

He lifts her up to carry her away from the darkness to the light of day
Across the fields of souls forgot through mountains of pain
To the place paradise lost through the driving rain
He sheltered she but they did not know that she gave him life and so now he must go

Writer/s: Erik Rosvold / Jasun Tipton / Troy Tipton