Brian Wilson

Mexican Girl

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Hey, Mexican Girl
A diamond in your hair
The soul of Los Feliz
Where laughter fills the air
Won't you make me smile?
Light up my sun dial?
Girl, you cast a net
On the day we met

Mexican Mexican Mexican Girl
Dance your way into my world

Hey, Mexican Girl
We'll light the burning fire
Heal me with your passion
Inspire me to inspire

Burning all night strong
As tender as a song
Help me understand
Make me a better man

Mexican, Mexican, Mexican Girl
Dance your way into my world
(Te quiero)

Hey bonita muchacha
Don't-cha know that I want-cha
Hey bonita muchacha
I need to know that I gotcha

You have my sacred heart
We'll finish at the start
Can you picture me
In your family tree?

Heyyy, hey hey hey hey
Hey, hey
Heyyy, hey hey heyyy
Mexican Girl
Mexican Girl

Writer/s: Brian Wilson / Scott Bennett

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