Action Bronson

Mike Vick

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When you down the people kick you
When you walk the bitches lick you
Chill dogs, don't wanna have to michael vick you
Stash the work inside the asshole of a pit bull
This getting money shit is simple

I got my hair like mike jack's glove, lungs filled with bud
Gold bullets in the snub, old and jewish on the rug
Young and spanish on my bits, quick to vanish on the pricks
In the drop six cockpit, hammers getting lift
Bite beef that was aged inside the basement
Smoke a floral arrangement baby I'm dangerous
The silver soup spoon is gracious

Place it on your tongue and taste it
Numb your face like the bass did
Cash we slidin' in they always call me safe kid
Blue pride, blue drop like a spaceship
Who's hot, you not, you just basic
Lace you up like my favorite pair of asics
Winter time switch the climate warmer
Also change the type of music that I'm rhyming over
My bitch thick like john lovitz
Pure version blooded blonds with the guard covers

It got me rhyming in french
Long removed from climbing the fence
Dipping cops, getting high on the bench
Iron defense, briefcase handcuffed, stand up
M5 flying like a tan duck
Tandoori half-moons in my haircut
Serving work to danny tanner
Smooth percussion, coke inside the pans just like a muffin
Enjoying puffing at the luncheon, shit

Behind the back pass arvydas sabonis
Rare intelligence you know I'm smoking weed in diplomas
Catch a case, post bail, then I flee to tacoma
Come back, new face, 103 and corona
Jackson heights plastic surgery
Colombian rooftop, botch attempts at the burglary
Got my eyes open certainly
Allow me to go exotic on the curtains g

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