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I am alive in everything I touch
I still survive in all the ones I’ve loved
Nothing dies, it lives in what we’ve done
I am alive in everything I’ve ever touched
A forest fire burns, I’m headed right for it
This california spark, it takes no prisoners
We go from light to dark, we’re both asleep at the switch
Pendleton goes on and on, and I don’t think I can make it

Another milestone, another day is gone
We refuse communication and just write off what we’ve lost
Now I’m dead you’ve put me in the ground
Don’t deny your implication
You decide the ones who breathe the ones who drown
I am alive in everything I touch
We’re all alive in everything we’ve ever touched

A picturesque night scene, but something’s
Just not right. Hollywood kills truth, and preys on honesty
These snakes don’t hide, images don’t lie
All these cheaters have no shame, they’ll leave you there to die
I’m by your side. It’s not your pain I judge
I’m by your side I sympathize but stand by what I’ve done
I am alive. I’m by your side but stand by what I’ve done

So if you're listening to this, you're listening to me
I'm speaking right now and I'm speaking forever
My memory lives on through you
And through everyone who's ever known you
It's not about bloods and guts and guilt and pain
It's about this love we feel which is all that matters
It never dies, it will last forever

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