Militant Raw

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[Verse 1]
Weather Army, Navy, Air Force, or Marines
Your whole armed forces couldn't stop this one man team
You can't detect the effect of what my words'll do to you
The effect of my tech's - it's similar to thermonuclear...war
This style is type militant raw
Holdin' the audience prisoner in ways ya never saw
I run through your whole outfit without flaw
The outlaw type'a kid you're proud to shout for
It's funny how good guy now becomes the villain
Money has become God and all squads are illin'
I'm a 102-years-old at the tricentennial
Chillin', if not, an intricate plot will now be my feelin'
Rough, rugged, raw, still values I'm instillin'
?And the chillin'?, hopin' to lower the rate of killin'
Years from my demise, you'll see that my plan is still in
Implementation, it'll come in the form of activists
Sent to fix nations, for now listen to ?Akengers?
Represent your station, spot, domain, or location
But understand we from the same rotation
Good versus Evil, both nations at war
This style is type militant raw

**skratching of various samples**