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Whoa, this is kinda cool
Can I help you ladies?
Oh, yeah, what is this?
Oh yeah I like that too. It's actually a Senegalese lute, carved from deerwood, used for fertility rituals
Oh, and you can put your weed in there
Oh, check this out

Diamonds like a iceberg, money in the bank
Leave you drippin' like a faucet baby I don't play
Why you fuckin' with these other guys? They can't compete
Oh no, they can't compete
With all that I do, 'cause baby now I'm on a roll (I'm on a roll)
Can't fuck with you now I got dough, cause now I got lobster and steak on my plate (switch up)
Eating healthy like dank (bless up)
X-ray vision you fake (fake)
So get the fuck outta my face (bitch)
See only you can change your placement
Dedication make you what you are
Dedication turn you to a star
See this is the power of mind versus the struggle of time
And I’m living proof if you do what you love, it will pay off if you grind
Yeah, but you keep on wasting your time

You drink all this little water up
So you can grow up to be a nice strong chronic plant
Yes, yes, and then you'll be smoked by all the rappers
And make them do a whole lot of dumb shit that fuck up their careers

Bitch I need a hundred-thousand for the cadence, ah yeah
Losin' patience guess that's prolly why I'm staying high
They gone play this when I'm laying in the grave I swear
Never care' bout what they think or what they sayin' bra
Ice up in my fist I got that forty ounce
Know I make it drip when lil' shorty bounce
Take another sip yeah baby make it count
And I just copped a swisher bout to break it down
If I don't know you please don't act like you know me
I got too many of these fakes been tryna act like they homies
But they don't know what is at stake 'cause all these rappers baloney
All the real ones dying out why me and ℒund be so lonely?

Writer/s: Lund