Team StarKid

Missing You

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I can't remember dad
And I cant remember mom
Aunts and uncles aren't quite the same.

But I had him, and life seemed fair
Yes, I had him, and he was there
To give me strength, show concern
Ask for nothing in return
Say hello, talk me through
Do the things that fathers should do

And I'm missing you...
I'm just missing you...

There it is, he's gone
He's hung me out to dry
The joy he said he felt, well, I guess it was a lie

But when I had him, my life was fine
When I had him, he was mine...
He'd share his thoughts be, a friend
Stick with me until the end
Watch a movie, roller-skate
Fill the world with fear and hate...

And I'm missing you...
I'm just missing you...

Now I'm all alone
Now you're gone for good
Now I'm stuck right here
Wishing I understood

You gave me hope
When my spells weren't right...

You gave me someone
To hold every night...

Quirrell: (Harry:)
And I'm missing you
(I'm just missing you)
I'm just missing you
(I'm just missing you)

Writer/s: A.J. Holmes

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