King Lil G


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But those mistakes behind me
Cast shadows to remind me
I truly hope God never gives up on us
Its kinda hard for me to listen to that drake shit
I'm far from being heartbroken, fucking yo main bitch
Roll up a blunt with me, smoke a blunt with me
Your enemies my enemies, come shoot a gun with me
I seen some beautiful women in salt lake city

I traveled thru the east, its gangsta & grimy in philly
People tell me I change, well maybe you never knew me
I have to switch up the page, to a different chapter in my life
I wanna progress
Maybe see you in heaven and show you what I possess
Ambitions like no one else
We did it with no ones help
Fuck all you people who criticize, saying that I would fail
65 Thousand dollar bail
I put money in my homie's books the first day in jail
It changed my life, when I read your fan mail
I made mistakes in my life and I regret em fo'real

(But those mistakes behind me)
(Cast shadows to remind me)
People can't expect you to be
Perfect all of a sudden you know?
We all mistakes no matter what baby
I'm just trying to be better
Baby tell me, do you know what love is?
Sometimes I feel I do the most for the people I fuck with
Your girl is beautiful as fuck but she can't be trusted

They told you rumors bout her fucking, when you got busted
Don't even trip though, ain't nobody perfect
You lost your family in a jail cell
Now was it worth it? Is it worth it?
You feeling worthless, searching for God
Tell me whats the purpose
You facing life, now you feeling nervous
But it ain't nothin', life keeps going on

You stay behind bars, I'm in the streets smoking bomb
I guess its karma, for all the people you went & robbed
You were just a young boy tagging on the walls
You could've backed off, but something got your ass involved
Who am I to tell you, what the fuck is right from wrong
All we knew was lil homie put your weapon in place
No time for my conscious mind, please forgive my mistakes

(But those mistakes behind me)
(Cast shadows to remind me)
I try to do my best just like you
We can't judge each other for the bullshit we go through
Cause as much as you fucking up I be fucking up too
But believe me we can overcome this, hell yeah
All my homies who feel lost in this world
Keep your head up..keep your head up