Action Bronson

Modern Day Revelations

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To the game apply pressure, divide pepper
Design leathers, we fly forever
Fuck the water, we surfin' on the crowd
Me I like my music loud (turn me up man)
Step out the bath after two women wash me
The polo robe is costly, even the tush got a horsey
The 525 is saucy

Smokin' the moss on the porch, we
Steamin' drama like a dumpling
Break the general's torso, only the lord knows
Right through the stomach where the frame of the sword go
I'm on the coast with some cargo shorts on
Ride slow, eyes slow, 5-0
On the creep you should see the way I slide though
Just like the kids in the park, my vision is sharp

The pigeon was carte blanche, the sauce a smidgen tart
Toss a javelin, torch the lavender
I'm fucking stunning bitches weak like a calendar
I'm Jean-Claude Van Damme and you the challenger
And this the Kumite, now what you do today?
From my room along the vert to the terrace where I step
Where my maiden lay awaitin' me to pleasure me with flesh
Live the rest of my days atop a mountain
Everything is free-range, piranha in the fountain

Burn a carcass, walk across carnage
Sport the garments that crawled out of the forest
My shoes retarded, you'll be disregarded
The black-hearted
I laughed as the Harlot's pussy farted
The crabs dipped in garlic
The car seats is watchamacallit

Steer the ship through frigid waters
Lift the portrait, for real I feel insulted
I should be sculpted
My bitch is cultured, six coasted
We sue the beast, true beef
The loot increase, I dip with two G's smooth as a priest
The older ladies scream preach, my gun was in reach

We run the streets, rock fleece and bubble geese
Crush the zanny in the L, sip the Champale
Now I parallel, my skin complexion caramel
Hopped on the saddle rang the cattle bell, the battle was hell
The crack and heroin's for sale
The blacker cell, attract quail, I cast a spell
Flash jasper, tip the pastor, finished the chapter

Showered in fur like I'm a viking
My resemblance is striking
Bite bison and cake icing
Crackin' crustaceans, tenacious (crab)
A no rest haven, dressed with the apron
Undressin' asians at the basin
Degredation, these are modern day revelations

Writer/s: ,Roc Marciano

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