Age Of Nemesis

Mommy's Crying

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It' s gone by - yesterday passed in the night
Don' t you cry - the horror' s gone n' taken flight

I draw you near me, shilded by the light
Like when I carried you for months beneath my heart
I feel you touch me, but I haven' t got a clue
Just how to help you
Oh, if I could only help you…

Come here, help me
Touch me or speak to me
There' s no one left for me…!!!

Your body' s just a grave, but where has your soul gone?
You' re in another world…
Embrace me, hold me near
No, your silence can' t take you away from me
See? Mommy' s crying… If you hear me at all…

Come here, help me
Touch me or speak to me
Ther' s no one left for me now…!

Forget the theory that rewrote your destiny
Summer' s upon us, but your soul can' t see
Come here and help me please, listen your momma' s plea
Open up, look at me, or you' ll never be free!

You must live your life now - live your life!