Morning Train

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I wake up every morning
I stumble out of bed
Stretching and yawning
Another day ahead
It seems to last forever
And time goes slowly by
'Till babe and me's together
Then it starts to fly

'Cause the moment that he's with me
Time can take a flight
The moment that he's with me
Everything's all right
Night-time is the right time
We make love
Then it's his and my time
We take off

*My baby takes the morning train
He works from nine 'til five and then
He takes another home again
To find me waiting for him


He takes me to a movie
Or to a restaurant
To go slow dancing
Anything I want
Only when he's with me
I catch a light
Only when he gives me
Makes me feel all right


All day I think of him
Dreaming of him constantly
I'm crazy mad for him
And he's crazy mad for me
When he steps off the train
I'm makin' a fool,a fight
Work all day to earn his pay
So we can play all night