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Mrs. Nerimon

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I think that I'm in love
In fact I know it to be true
and now that I have realized this
there's just one thing to do
I just have to tell him
then I know he'll agree
that the two of us are perfect
me and him and him and me
I used to want to be a teacher
or a master of trapeze
But now I'm certain that there
is just one role for me

I want to be Mrs. Nerimon
So we can build a little house with a lawn
And watch our love go on and on and on and on and
I'm fairly certain you're the one for me
They'll stream our wedding on BlogTV
and be officiated by John Green
So Alex please say yes.

You still don't sound convinced
well you just listen to me
I can make you just as happy
as Ash Ketchum and Misty
We'll be like Claire and Charlie
Only you'll still be alive
And we'll make an "awesome" channel
for our children - we'll have five
You're the ladies man of youtube
but I'm prepared to battle
No one ever said that love
cant spread from London to Seattle

You put Wednesday with Monday, that makes One Day
One Day, we'll be together.