Mac 10


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beef done started nigga, ain't no checking out now
I'ma bring it everyday til' I X ya out now
see with that guerrilla reppin got ya in two
some shit you can't handle so nigga fuck you
wanna be gangsta? killer type nigga?
betcha money you gonna die tonight nigga
ya must don't know who you fucking with
lil Turk young and thuggin' and that nigga Mack 10
I'll put your family in it - yeah I plays it raw
you'd do it to me so I don't give a fuck
I'm a young nigga don't let the age fool ya
two-double-O-one thats the ones that'll lose ya
nigga find you, I'm on the phone with him
what he coming this way?
whatch how quick I will split him
and when I shoot nigga look shoot to kill
call it a murder cause you ain't gonna live

MURDER nothing but the killer

[Mack 10]
I'll make you disappear as if you dissolved
my problems solved - its the 44 revolve
I squize nigga please nigga shit
ya'll could never fuck with none of these niggas
you know whats best for you homie?
I feel you, I know you want to be hard
but just know I'm gonna kill you
ya'll on that rah-rah shit
fuck around and let me hit that la-la shit
now I'm full of that (?) they call angel dust
and I ain't the one to be trusting
cause I feel like busting
I got hot hollows that'll run right throw ya
(?) runaway and Turk gonna do you
so do the right thing homie ya understood?
keep ya flasks tucked in when you come to my hood
you would get a pass but I'm over set trippin'
got a dome lil daddy cause you shouldn't been slippin'

MURDER nothing but the killer

nigga I got big nuts and I'll drop em' quick
you can be big or small you'll still get split
I got two nines and I never get stuck
sixteen a piece we don't beef it fuck

[Mack 10]
shit and I'ma let loose nigga til ya cold and num
I got a AK for ya and it came with a drum
thats a hundred rounds spitting so please don't tempt me
it keep busta-busting til this bitch get empty

I'ma rap this shit - I'm living it nigga
and where I'm from they always a killin' my nigga
get it twisted if ya want dog watch what happen
won't live another day cause lil Turk gone nab em'

[Mack 10]
say mother fuck him Turk and thats all I gotta say
if you don't get him in New Orleans than I'll got him in LA
this Mack 10 nigga and I'm all about killing
whether gang related, beefing, or over drug dealing

MURDER nothing but the killer
MURDER nothing but the killer