Music for My Mother

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Man, I was in a place
Called Keeprunnin', Mississippi one time
And I heard someone on my way by
Sounded a little something like raw funk to me
So I slowed down and took a listen
And this is all I could hear, baby

[Chorus 5X]

It got so good to me, man, that I stopped runnin'
My feets was tired anyhow
So I reached in my inside pocket
And got my harp out
Sit down by old beat up railroad train
And get me get myself
A little of that old funky thang

Can you all feel what I mean?
This is what you call
Waaay back yonder funk

[Chorus: 19X]

Say it loud!
I'm funky and I'm proud!
I'm aging!
Old funk

Writer/s: Billy Bass Nelson / Eddie Hazel / George Clinton / William Nelson

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