Music of Streets

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Music of streets - voice of working districts,
Rhythm of industrial zones and yards,
Sound of motorcars, roar of tramway carriages,
Melodies of large city.

Chorus #1:
Music of streets - it's so close to young hearts
Looking for the way of life.
Music of streets sometimes helps fighters at hard moment
To stand and not to turn back.

In this style everything is truthfully done by whites for whites,
Let our loud and proud White Power RAC sound forever.
It's like the battle hymn of courageous warriors, with strong spirit and body,
It was created by Ian Stuart, the great Aryan man.

Hail the sacred victory for the folk and the land!
Holy war will destroy all the scum.
We'll leave even no meter of native country in prison,
The native land will be free from dictatorship of ZOG.

Chorus #2:
Music of streets - one of the most popular tools in arsenal of fight,
And lyrics of songs are the way of propaganda of right wing ideas.
Music of streets - I don't want another fortune for me
Else as to awake souls of European people.

Rise, my Russia!
Get up, wake up, the Slav's world!
We are the army of the union of brothers nations,
Race if our main common goal.
Defend it, comrade,
With breast from enemies,
Free from the birth we
Won't wear the chains of slaves.

Chorus #1:

Chorus #2: