Mac Lethal

My Angel Veronica

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This is not going to be easily understood.
you have to pay very very close attention to the story, and hopefully youll be able to get the meaning out of it that i put into it but if not im sorry.

veronica chappelle was a kansas city chick that liked to talk with conviction and slams of wittiness,
she liked to,
feel my hands and make sure i paid attention,
always interested in what i had to say,
shed listen,
her father treated her like she was just a slave in prison,
she loved him very much and wouldnt dare to raise againt him,
i wanted her to let me pay a visit to him,
cause shed come to my house enraged and licked with bruises,
wouldnt let me though, he was abusive in her young days,
she used to freeze my soul and break it with this one phrase,
one day were gonna meet at the beach and thats the end,
this phrase is something i could never truly comprehend,
and didnt try,
didnt have a lot of friends, just different guys,
that like to get her high then strip her fly physique and lick her thighs,
we met in 8th grade and clicked ever since,
her bus stop was last so i never seen her house, and never went,
alot of guys tried to fuck and most of them did,
but i never asked for more than a friend,
my boys was like shes just a dumb slut with bare legs that wears red and talks like a fuckin airhead,
but she was brilliant though, they just didnt know that,
she never had a clever reply to throw back,
shed just seduce them calmly with her beauty always potent,
go to the bar and find a new guy to walk back home with,
id give her a disappointed gaze but shed creep into my spinal column with her little phrase,
which had me steadily in love but she was heavy into drugs,
shed get high and tell bout the heaven up above,
like she knew, which made her soul so magnificent,
on psychadelics or a dosage of lithium,
blotter postage, and ferocious barbiturates,
no dope focus and some horse pills of mini thins,
lysergic acid had her tremblin,
french kissin off a double stack with a heart indented in,
she used to watch my back, she used to say backstabbers are frail, so dogs are smart when they chase their tail
she kept me amazed,
she kept my soul and made my life with her phrase,
3:08 am i get a call on my phone,
somethings wrong, i can tell by Jojo's tone,
he said Veronica was hit my a train, she committed suicide, i told you that that bitch insane,
i hung up the phone with a rush of tears in my eyes,
bloodstream cool, but i was really not surprised,
i must have lied in bed for hours, maybe even days,
thinkin bout she probably used to play me with that phrase,
and talked about she was a mermaid with a great soul,
like she was an angel,
like shed grab my life and take control,
id see her at the beach and it would.....
it would be good.

as long as the soul is good
as long as the soul is great,
life is great as well,
an angel will save me,
shes my angel,
tap me on my shoulder,
but when i open my eyes,
noone is there,
its her

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